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Maybe she was drunk and trying to fulfil a fantasy; I mean we all have that fantasy don’t we?”Ahhh fuck.Probably not, but he could not lie to her.She rolled over on her back.And then he stops with everything.Shannon started talking again, "William, I know you don't want to hear to hear this, But I'm sorry for being such a fucking bitch.You've known her family for at least a dozen years and lived just down the street from you for several years.Instead, I simply nodded and got up to follow him, as the pleats of his kilt swayed seductively from side to side and he headed for the door.As we walked the 100 yards through the dunes we could see other foot paths here and there going in different directions.Michael began to fuck her cunt.Her dusky fingers slid up and down her folds.That evening we went for a walk to get the lay of the land.And I certainly didn’t find him attractive in a sexual way, if that's what you mean.”The layout of the house was a bit unusual since the elevator and