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I humped my bums up with each of his forward thrust.Suddenly there is a knock at the door.He had her lay back on the bed with her legs draped over the edge and he proceeded to kneel down between her legs and start lapping her pussy.Once she got mine off she grabbed hers at the bottom while crossing her arms then whipped it off by raising and straightening them.“You are the most disobedient slave I have ever had,” he growled, grabbing her bouncing tits.She was completely tapped out.I had another orgasm and almost moaned out loud.I knew that it was a tawse because it said so on the label.He moaned in delight, catching the scent of her arousal.I said oh yea, Timmy would probably like that.I groaned, my breasts jiggling and heaving.He was looking at her firm bottom for a few seconds, then moved his gaze to her face and their eyes locked.Taking one hand off her thigh, I started to lightly rub my middle finger along the bottom of her slit up to the top as my tongue travelled upwards, fin

Exhausted.I looked up to see Tiff was holding his cock at the base with the same hand she had been fingering herself with."This is not just your decision," she said.Lexi stared at my chest, presumably studying on how to open my bra.The Rott was now making big sweeping licks across her mound with his huge, thick, rough tongue.I was so overwhelmed.He heard her choke as he forced her to hold him completely in her mouth, pre-cum dangling where his shaft met the seal of her lips.I was sitting at my desk and heard an “Ahem.” and I turned towards the door and there was Willow.She opened her mouth to show her son his load in her mouth, then closed and swallowed it all, opening again to let him see it was gone.Now push your finger in and out as you lick the outer lips.”Not long after Jamie Started squirting all over him.I drove through the city on the southwest side of the lake remembering the good times, but mostly remembering my wife.She shut her eyes and quickly nodded.“Babe?” She

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