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“I’ll think about answering it.” I said as I took another sip of my beer.Between the aphrodisiac and the quality of the sex itself, Ada continued to give herself to the satyr at almost every opportunity.“So there's lots of... theories about you and how you... drive women wild for your futa-dick,” Amelia said, her eyes almost glassy.I suggested new things often, but she always politely pushed them away.But the pain didn’t even register with her as she was already looking desperately either side for any way to escape.I leaned in and kissed her.It stayed with me after we left Dr. Wilson's office and returned home.My heart seemed to be attempting to break free from my chest, but I kept my cool."The Mortuary Vampires"Then he stopped moving completely.This is so naughty.Then we didn’t see you two at all.” Concern filled his face.I asked “of these?”."Ohhhhh Fuck . . .It ain't the strongest of the species that live, nor the smartest, but the guys most responsive to change.

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