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His voice mingled with her music like a backup singer, his moans so genuine she wondered if they were all show for her, or actually real, not that it mattered, all that mattered was her pleasure.He was fine with doing this to her because he knew and trusted his friends to be reasonable but somehow knowing this had already been done to her by someone else made him feel like a bastard.I just nodded and agreed.”At first, a few squirts hit his shirt, but then the seepy fluid poured down the head and swirled around the foreskin as he kept stroking.Truthfully, I was jealous.“Ahhh, but I said we’re going to do some shots!“Oh, shoot, that's incredible.Do you like it?” she stepped closer and caught my hand.I pushed the last fingers of my vaginally-penetrating hand into the redhead, and watched in perverse fascination as both my wrists disappeared.Turns out he had been a Ranger, had some extraordinary experiences with Seals, and was not only impressed but deeply in awe with Seals.I was