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I took a few more aggressive swigs as I watched my sexy daughter’s ass from behind as she folded my clothes.Jake was ready to get his dick wet, and that was perfect news for this situation.We’d be having a few drinks to celebrate the occasion, so should we to do a five-minute walk to the rank, dressed in all our finery, or phone for a taxi to come to the chapel?“You stayed level headed, and didn’t panic when crap hit the fan.”What harm could it do to explore his interest.While she could understand Tryi’s fury at the harsh insult of implied weakness, for the Second to square up to her in the open like this, in full view of both of their Lessers was a challenge to her authority, and one she could not tolerate.It surged through me. I shuddered beneath him.Then she did the same thing with the other side, and the pinching and pain just went away!“Take her.She didn’t actually know if he was indeed tied but she was sure that if he believed he was, he was.Ego-driven motivations

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