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Anyone against the approval of this exception?”I said Grace and then we began to chow down.She snubbed out her smoke and cuddled up next to me. I placed my arm around her as she pressed her tits into me.She said yes in a strained voice, and then she practically begged me, “Please help me. Push your dick up.”I kept her muzzled, not wanting to hear her voice as I forced my fingers into her pussy."Let's get dressed and later I will continue to provide this type of naughty reprimand," he said with a big smile on his face.I said yes Sir, I have a couple of things to finish then we will be down, then I asked do you have blank contracts that we could use on Sherry, he said sure then looked at Sherry, and asked her, do you accept Glenn as your Master, Sherry’s eyes popped, and she said yes Sir I do, he said, do you do this freely, and of your own free will, She said Yes Sir, Greg said bring them down when you are ready, her Mom is on pins and needles, she has been watching you since t

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