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She assumed that it was probably one of the young cub scouts.The depths of her eyes spoke with unequivocal honesty, and their lenses reflected images that melded seamlessly to memory.“So,” Emma began, “I’m going to be the sexual bridge between you.He smiled.“Well, I’m very glad to hear that Fred.Together.“So what am I, just the means to an end?The hour passed quickly as two officers and the Pizza Hut delivery guy came into the room with all the food.Manuel had to coax me to get on my feet."No, James.Legally speaking, he was the only one who can touch her.It took nearly 30 paintballs for Laura to be able to overcome the urge to protect her fuckballoons, and by that time her tits were an agonized bruised mess, splattered in paint and striped with welts.It spilled across her face as she slept on her side.He found that the fresh air and sun uplifted the spirit once more and the sting of abandonment faded away.At that exact moment she knew that she was now totally hers.“My p

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