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"King"I add, “Darling, can we bring you lunch or something to eat?”“Show us your tits.”He was on his back, and I had to chuckle when I felt my thighs slide across his hard cock.The pleasure was intense as her muscles worked on just my sensitive tip.I stepped forward but Kieran beat me to it and lifted Jude down the same way as he had Kate.Then Amy started pushing her tongue against mine with greater force.“Mikey actually invited me to the wedding.His orgasm caught Katie completely by surprise, his first spurt went clear down her throat causing her to choke slightly, she tried lifting her head off his cock to cough, but his second shot hit the roof of her mouth, after her mouth was clear of his cock Jake jerked his cock to finish his orgasm, the next spurt hit Katie squarely in the cheek, catching her off guard again, she tried to pull back but Jake had stopped playing with her tits and placed his hand over the back of her head, his last two ropes of cum splashed her nose and

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