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To restore to a normal stateI could easily see that between her legs, her knickers were soaking wet and I could see that there was some liquid running down the inside of her thigh.“Wait!” she almost shouted as she sat up and reached out to my cock.Baby was excited.I nodded to Clint.Because we all laughed for a little bit, before Sally continued on with her story, "But the strangest part was that it didn't hurt me at all when Daddy first penetrated me with that enormous dick-head of his.Or possibly Ginny?At first, I couldn’t tell what it was.Nathair are born in clutches of eggs and only recognize those as family ties.I hoped Daddy had bred me. I licked my lips as I grabbed the cock that had deflowered me. Loved me. The cock that had created me in my mother's womb.What was left of her rational thinking told her that her body was simply responding to being overly stimulated.His seed… Gods… Yet more of his seed in me.Tori was filled with schoolgirl anticipation, she sensed moistu

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