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She walked up to him.She took a few moments to collect her thoughts, “I’m normal.I say sternly with my daddy voice.“Do… it…” Megan gasped through her almost closed throat.She gasped and moaned as I began flicking my fingers into her g-spot with ever increasing speed.“Our link huh?” I asked with a smirk.Amy smiled, “We better get cleaned up here and air this place out….“Did Conleth and Turlough clear the courtyard?”Fortunately, papa gram was over getting a report printed, so the eternal hellscape of withering looks was conspicuously absent as he returned a few mins late to his chair.It was a cum soaked mess and Dave was moaning and trying to thrust his hips as much as he could in his tied up position.The one ratty looking man named Carl had fallen to his knees and was begging the sharp dressed-looking one named Mister O and asking for someone to call the police.Britney gulped as she guessed what Hayden was going to do with it.“Wow, you are one hell of a brave g

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