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Then she continues her conquest to sheath her sexcalibur to the hilt inside of my hindquarters.But I don’t have room to breathe, she’s on my ass."Mmmm you know I do" she purred, slowly sliding off her top, before unbuttoning her jeans, watching me all the time.He.She appeared to be gritting her teeth as if bearing it, but then suddenly her features would relax and she’d moan or gasp before tensing up again.She lifted her leg up higher, wrapping it around my thigh which gave me easier access to her ass.Smooth as a baby's behind.“I think so, at least that's what I hear in school when some guy can’t get any.”He looked like a corpse that had been fished out of the water."Alright, little sister, I'll let you try it.I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t concentrate on anything, I was in a state of testosterone fueled vigilance.“And you got a hard cock.”Granted being rested also gave me the benefit of having my powers restored.Then she got in there, and the horrible masseuses t

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