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“HELLO……HELLO……HELLO….I knew that as turned on as I was I was going to give her what she wanted in a very short while.Hailey was wondering what Marge was going to do when she got her answer as Marge's patted her own ass in encouragement for Sam to mount.Sharon chuckles as does Jennifer.The noise of the flush and me getting back into bed roused Laura slightly, and she rolled over and into me and wrapping her arm around me and cuddling into me in her half-sleep.A shiver ran down Carissa’s spine and her breathing quickened, but a silence fell while they both focussed on the bizarre footage.In walked Abby and Carol.Carole gasped in pain.I smiled back at her, "Not tonight, honey.The following Wednesday evening over dinner at The Olive Garden, Greg told me, “I’ve invited some friends over to watch football on Sunday.”I felt her tongue flick out and I instinctively raised up further trying to get into her mouth.As she continued to talk, I surveyed the parking lot from left

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