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“I...“Did you deserve that?”… her ass molded like clay into my groin, pillowing against my pelvis to fill every void space there, sinking pliantly against my crotch, her cheeks spreading, nestling my cock so perfectly into her soft crevasse.Came.I could feel anxiety swell up in my chest.They lay belly to belly, pussy to pussy.CHAPTER 12She felt his cockhead stretch her tight opening as he pushed into her, pulling her hips back toward him.I felt so dizzy from it.“Talk some sense into him, Ruri.”“Oh are you now?”He rammed to the hilt in me. He filled me over and over.The tattoo was a two inch wide and one inch frame with Andy’s name and phone number in the centre just below her tits.I affixed a mental image of Astrid arching her naked body, bit my lower lip, and went to town.Cory’s pretty white breasts, her pink areolas, and her dark almost purple nipples seemed to be hanging from the petals and his awareness that those were separated from his touch by only a thin lay