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How sorry I am that I let Dad's abuse go on for so long.My uncle finally left, there I am stuck with my Aunty who is all but a strange to me because I paid zero attention.And though I had the location for at least thirteen so far, the interiors and contents of several of them remained a mystery.My daughter shifted, her pussy lips sliding across my mouth.I was exhausted, my jaws were aching, and my tongue was on its last lick.“Come on, now do as I say, ok?” I said to her gently and guided her till she sat on the edge of the bed, with her heeled feet on the floor.There was residue of cum clinging to the head.She was visible excited that I would give her ride home and after we worked on a few more problems we decided we should probably get going.Excitement is washing through me by the time I realise the touches last longer than not and it’s very soon after that we’re in constant contact.It was clear they'd tracked it to my college, but there were hundreds of students here, and tha

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