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Although I cannot see the implants buried in these women’s skulls – an even more terrible lifelong burden, I know each one of them carries one.that he could not provide.."I feel..." she said as she broke the kiss, "I feel so...full!Damn, to bad I couldn’t see what they were doing.They live in a small city in Kansas and Ted owns the local Volvo Dealership.It pissed me off.She now calls him Daddy as well.“Well then stay out here, you weenie!” I laughed, and pushed open the gate.He didn’t have long before all the other girls started arriving, both here and at his house.Thank you,”This wanton hunger surged through me. My mouth opened wider, my tongue thrusting out.He looks at her firm back and stomach, then up between the opening of her blouse to her bright eyes.“Say what?” the sheriff asked.Tiny rivulets of water continued to cascade down her tanned and toned body as Kristin dried herself off, unaware of the show she was inadvertently putting on for her step father.Each

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